A seed was planted..

At the time of this writing, I am in Chandidasa. I have managed to navigate four small cities in Indonesia. The journey began with two nights in Sanur, six days in Ubud, and three nights in Amed. I have located a darling little home stay in Chandidasa. It is a tiny little bungalow offering a view/sounds of the ocean. Each of these places offer something magical in there own right. In parallel with my writing, I am also keeping a photo journal which you can access on facebook.

Admittedly, writing about this beautiful place is difficult for my words cannot even remotely touch the beauty of Bali and the people. I have met some amazing people during my short stay in Bali. There are many people in Bali that are traveling the same journey that I find myself on today. They have come here to get lost, to drop out of life, to Let Go! The durations of stay for each of us is different. We share our stories, a dinner together, an afternoon adventure, and then we move onto new cities and experiences. The truth, you don’t forget the people that you meet even when the encounter is brief. The people continue to be the best part of this journey/experience.

I came to Indonesia to be near the water, to drop out of life, and more importantly to start writing a book. The idea to write a book has been on my “life list” for five years. I have learned that a pattern for me is a seed (idea, goal, wish) is planted. It beings to manifest in approximately five years. Of course, there is a great deal of planning and nourishing in my own mind throughout the five year period. Today, I find myself incredibly grateful to be here working to bring this seed out of the ground (i.e. the idea out of my mind and onto the paper).

I will also share that my dream of traveling around the world was planted approximately five years ago. I was walking my little dog on the canals of Las Colinas at 4:00 a.m. in the morning during one of the darkest periods of my life. I was newly divorced, single/alone for the first time in my 32 years of life, and honestly scared of my own shadow. I remember very clearly having the thought – get your passport. I had no idea where I would go or whom I would go with. I simply followed the thought and promptly completed the paperwork for my passport. I received the passport in the mail a few weeks later, and filed it away for safe keeping. Today, I find myself traveling alone in Indonesia! One of the most beautiful things about the human condition is that in our darkest hours we find our most courageous strength. If we listen close and pay attention to life, we learn that we can endure and overcome any obstacle placed upon our path. A very dear friend of mine encouraged me to travel to the beach alone five years ago. I remember thinking she might be a bit crazy. I couldn’t imagine traveling alone. If you consider the fact that I couldn’t imagine living my life alone at that time – traveling seemed incredibly daunting. Time and experience are a great necessity in life.

Since the passports arrival, I have had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua. My time in Nicaragua was amazing and life changing. I spent two weeks in several locations. We were building schools, delivering food, and assisting a medical doctor who was administering medications to the young children in the villages. This trip was life changing for me. My idea of poverty at that time was a homeless person standing on the corner in a large city. I had no idea that people could live in small villages surrounded by a city dump ground, a cemetery, and the city sewage system. They called this village the triangle of death. The thing that I will never forget is that even in these conditions, you could hear the children laughing and you could see the smiles on the faces of the local people. It was truly a spiritual experience. Beauty can always be found in the simple things in life.

It was rather serendipitous that the International Readers/Writers festival was occurring in Ubud during my stay. I promptly volunteered to work this event (so I could save my cash flow), and attend the event. I got access to some of the most amazing international writers. The great news is that each of these people talked about the process of writing. These men/women are successful authors who have published multiple books. They shared that the process of writing never gets easier. I find this encouraging. I love to write and it is truly one of my passions. Alas, It is also a process that parallels any creative process. During my daily runs each day, I think through a story that I want to tell/share in my book. I come in and sit at my computer and it all seems to disappear. The best tip that I elected to take from the event is to write 1000 words per day. And, as a reader and follower of my blog, you will get to experience the clunky writings that I will one day parlay into the beautiful memoir of my beautiful life.

In closing, I will share with you that dreaming and hoping is a magical part of the journey of life. I have shared with you two of my dreams/hopes of traveling and writing. As I mentioned, these dreams began for me a few years ago. Today, I find myself totally untethered to my former life. I sold many of my material possessions to follow my dreams and hopes. I have no idea where this journey will take me. Alas, I am living by the ocean and writing my book. I will make every attempt to share the depths of my soul through my writings.

“Often I couldn’t keep up with myself, and there were times when I nearly drowned under the weight of my own enthusiasms. Fortunately, passion is an amazing flotation device.” Lizz Winstead

Indeed, passion is an amazing flotation device!

Keep Dreaming & Keep Hope Alive today, tomorrow and always.

Smiling from Indonesia,
Brandi J.

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