Chasing Sunshine..


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. And, there really is no better time to update unless you have something new and novel to share!

So, I share with you our entry and lack of plans for 2016…

We launched into 2016 and hit the ground running.  We spent the better part of 2015 living in the beautiful and delightful city of Boulder, Colorado (arriving on January 29th, 2015 and departing on December 20, 2015). Life check list # 988 – move to a new city and live there for a year. CHECK!

Our experience in Boulder was delightful! We made and met some life long friends, shared several craft beers with locals and learned about life journeys (my favorite part of being a global citizen – always the people you meet along the way).

We lived in three different areas in/around Boulder – spending the first three months tucked in the belly of a mountain with a river that flowed right outside our front door at a lodge (the A-Lodge – a cool lodge that two rockin locals have taken over), a vacation rental home in North Boulder (close to the dog park – Bleu was in heaven) that was a beautiful tri-level home and reminded me of the amount of time it takes to clean something that has three levels (a good reminder),  and lastly in a 400 square foot open space studio.

WE SURVIVED LIVING IN A TWO TINY SPACES WITHOUT INJURY (with a 20+ day road trip from Colorado to Texas, Texas to New Mexico, New Mexico to Arizona, Arizona to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to California, California to Utah and back home to Colorado – the trip to the ocean was necessary for each of us – o.k. maybe more so me – but we got there!).

Our conclusion – A BIG RIGHT ON, HIGH-FIVE, HAPPY DANCE – we CAN DO THIS! And, we figured out that we LOVED being on the ROAD and moving around at our leisure (more on this… stick with me).

The last place we lived in Boulder required that we enter into a one year lease commitment (I remember the day the woman shared this information with me – my palms got sweaty and I lost my breath – wait! what! a commitment of one year! thankfully, we were able to find a sub-lessor at literally the 11th hour that got us out on financially sound ground – we think, still waiting for our final deposit).

We knew our longer term plans included small space living and we needed to test the waters to see if “we” – (we = J and I)  could manage living in a small / open space – we all survived but learned some truly valuable lessons.

Side Note:  One of the major caveats that I expressed when we added Bleu to our life was that he be “WELL TRAVELED” – Bleu has proven to be adaptable to just about ANY situation we have exposed him too – in any location he is placed – from the streets of San Fran, the canyons of Utah to our family and friends hearts and homes –  where he quickly learns to navigate the terrains and find the treat and the treat holder in each domicile).

Learning Lesson # 1:
But, there were other learning lessons that we learned whilst living in Boulder. We LOVE summers in Colorado! We love the people of Colorado! We love the views of Colorado. We love the craft beers of Colorado! We love that Colorado has a FESTIVAL for EVERY THING (there is even one called the Frozen Dead Guy festival – no kidding!)

We strongly dislike (scratch that – we HATE) winters in Colorado. J and I are NOT (let me repeat that so it will truly sink in –  we are NOT cold weather people). Of course, it doesn’t help that I don’t even have it in me to dress appropriately for Colorado winters or cold days. I was told on multiple occasions during our time in Colorado that wearing layers of clothes would help me adjust to Colorado living!

The best I could muster up on cold days – a heavy sweat shirt, a beanie (more of a tropical beanie than one for warmth), a scarf, shorts and flip-flops!  – true signs of a sun chaser or beach gal! 



These are our LAST photos taken in Colorado!

What you don’t see is the utter and complete JOY in my heart knowing that we ARE about to abort the snow season of Colorado to embark upon chasing sunshine. In true form, Bleu was the only CHAMP OF COLORADO COLD LIVING – he was one (the only ONE) of the three of us that didn’t mind the snow days in Boulder (which didn’t bode well for J and I and walking the big GUY – favors were traded for who would walk Bleu – you do what you have to do to survive).

We were truly blessed by J’s mum (who is like the stalker of all weather channels in the WORLD – in fact, we don’t even worry about planning for weather these days because we know we will receive a text to let us know of the current and three day weather forecast in ANY city that we are heading towards – she is truly our guardian angel for all things weather related).

On that same note, she couldn’t bare the thought of us being cold – hence, there was a constant stream of packages including beanies, hoodies, leggings, boots, gloves and my MOST favorite thing which she secured from a yoga boutique – leggings with a hole in the toe area that allowed my calves to be warm whilst wearing my flip flops on the cold days (did I mention she is our guardian of all things weather – the temps and the clothes to ensure we survive).


Learning Lesson # 2: 

THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER!  I fell madly and deeply in love with traveling and living little to have more experiences after spending a few years traveling abroad.

I love meeting new people (continues to be my MOST cherished things about the traveling life – THE PEOPLE).

I love having new experiences in new and cool places. I love getting lost in a city and working to navigate my way around.

There is NOTHING better than arriving in a new city and figuring out how to navigate the terrains of a new city.

Boulder, February, 01: 

I remember our initial days/months in Boulder. We would drive around utterly lost – yet, always able to find our way around (traveling abroad alone teaches you that you can find anything you need – well.. there was that time in Indonesia that I spent days trying to find sanitary items – but, I eventually found them!).

J and I hadn’t met any of the super cool locals – hence, our social calendar was wide open. We’d google things and then go find them. We’d load up on Sunday and take off for hours of driving with our mouths and eyes wide OPEN taking in the VIEWS (the vast and glorious views).

I traveled to Boulder in 2010 and placed some of my beautiful mum’s remains in a stream that ran down the mountain (it was the first of many letting go moments with my darling departed mother). I remember calling J from the mountain to tell him what I had done – to which, he promptly replied – GOOD FOR YOU – she doesn’t need to be in the top of your closet any longer. I was able to take J to that exact place and share of that time in my life (this occurred  during my SEVEN SOLO YEARS).

Upon my return from my last round of international travel – spending 6 months total in Indonesia and India, we felt as though we were ready to settle into something a little more routine.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you try what you don’t know.

We moved to Boulder because it was a magical city where I had gone year after year during the later part of my years in Dallas. Denver is a short flight from Dallas and a 12 hours drive from Dallas (if you leave at 4AM Dallas time  / you arrive at 3PM in the afternoon in Boulder). The city was a magical place for me that I could get to quickly. I loved the energy of Boulder. I loved the mountains. It was the place I always yearned to call home.

Having the opportunity to share this move with J in our first full year of reconciliation (for those of you new to my life journey – J was my husband for 13 years of my life – followed by a seven year separation (a.k.a. divorce) and a reconciliation that began our life partnership and friendship in 2014) was an exciting adventure! 

The BIGGEST LESSON we learned – we are NOT a one ZIP CODE family!

We are explorers. We are sun and beach chasers (we will always love those of you that love the mountains). 

So, fast forward to March of 2016 – We PURCHASED a 29 FOOT RV (a tiny home on wheels) whom we have named Chasing Sunshine. We will be hitting the road to California in a few days! J will fish on a commercial fishing boat (a true LIFE LONG DREAM OF HIS) and I’ll be working with my office mate, Big Bleu whilst continuing to build my digital nomadic business ( of delivering GREAT work from the roads of the USA (i’ve delivered from the beaches of Bali, the mountains of Peru, the hotels of India and most recently the island of Maui).

Following that – our plan is to NOT have destination PLAN – We’ll say YES to invitations and see where the roads of the US will take us!

Stay in touch with us. Visit us!

The dream of purchasing an RV and living on the road has roots dating back to 2007 (pre-divorce) for J and I. I’ll share more of our journey to RV living in future updates.



Shine On Darling People – SHINE ON!

With great love and  of having you in our life,

J, Brandi J and Big Bleu